Weald Way – Extension

  • 23/07/19


Further to an unsuccessful application for the demolition of the exiting property and and construction of a new residential property our client requested we review how to achieve their aspirations within the limitations of the Planning Policy Framework. In developing the original scheme and in consultation with the Local Planning Authority it was considered that an application for an extension to the original property may be considered acceptable. Further to the positive feedback received within the original application, a similar scheme was developed that allowed for the retention of the existing building however developing comprehensive renovation that integrated the latest standards of construction to fully renovate the existing property providing a large increase to the internal accommodation and bringing the property up to modern standards of living.

Through careful design the key elements of the original scheme were maintained to respond to the elements of the scheme the local authority considered appropriate. This collaborative approach lead to a recommendation for approval by the Planning Officer within a contentious Green Belt site. Unfortunately this recommendation was disregarded when the application was requested to be reviewed at committee. This was then overturned by the planning Inspectorate and the application was approved. We are now developing the design in preparation for construction.

Design Brief

  • Develop a refurbishment scheme
  • Maintain the level of accommodation and key design elements developed for a new build scheme within the site
  • Obtain planning approval